Tennis Betting

There is a lot of tennis going on. Consider this: over 200 tournaments in various categories are organized each year! ATP Masters 1000, ATP World Tour 500 and 250, WTA Premier Mandatory, WTA Premier 5, WTA Premier, plus a slew of invitation tournaments for the tour's best players, several "Challengers," and the ITF Circuit for players who have yet to distinguish themselves at major competitions. The variety of tournaments is incredible, and it draws people in - you can wager on lawn tennis virtually every day.

So, here are a few reasons why putting a bet on tennis should be prioritized in your betting strategy:

  • Bookmakers' errors. When assessing the odds in this sport, experts from even the most well-known bookies make far more mistakes than in other disciplines. For example, hardly one believed in Naomi Osaka when she won the 2018 US Open and the 2019 Australian Open. However, other experts expected that she would win at least the Australian Open.
  • Bets are available every day. Hundreds of different tournaments are held every year, and a huge number of matches of various ranks are played every day. Top (from the top 30 of the world ranking) tennis players play almost every day. This is not an exaggeration – tennis competitions involve games every day without breaks. In addition, one tennis player can play singles and doubles, then he can have two games a day. And between tournaments, there can be a break of only a few days.
  • Tennis is an individual sport, hence only one player should be considered while formulating a prediction. In most circumstances, studying recent performances, taking into consideration the significance of the tournament (Tops like Nadal and Djokovic play at full force only during Grand Slam tournaments), and the style of play is adequate to forecast the outcome of a match. Yes, there are doubles contests here, but when anticipating such matches, it is also important to evaluate the players' collaboration – how long they have been playing and how well they have succeeded. Certain athletes just play cool with each other.
  • There will be no draws. If you've ever employed methods like forks or corridors, you'll realize why this is such a big deal. And if they didn't, we'll show you how it's done in tennis.

Now that you have already familiarized yourself with the benefits of online betting tennis, let's go directly to the working strategies.

The approach of betting with a higher coefficient on the favorite

There is a traditional strategy in which a player always bets on the favorite. It is extremely simple to identify such a guy - if his coefficient is lower, he is the favorite. At the same time, expert bettors suggest picking only bets with a chance of 1.4-1.6. 1.01-1.3 – this is very small; if you consistently place such bets, one loss will cancel out three or four wins. Betting with a probability of 1.7 or higher, on the other hand, is already a risky business.

It is critical to look not just at the quotations, but also to do at least a cursory analysis - consider the playing styles, prior matches, and the tournament's significance.

There is a modified form of this method - the strategy of betting live tennis play, in which you wait for the odds on the favorite to grow before betting on it. This can occur, for example, if a stronger athlete loses the opening point or set. In the second half of the game, he should return to normal and take his own, although the coefficient for him can already be 4 or higher.

It is critical to accurately establish the favorite before the match to employ this strategy. Again, analysis is essential in this case.

"Corridor" tennis betting strategy

The phrase "corridor" in betting refers to a certain value of points, goals, or other criteria that can be confined to two bets. In other words, you're wagering on two different outcomes of the same event. Corridors are commonly utilized in fora and totals.

Without an example, it is hard to grasp. Take, for example, the tennis match between roughly equal opponents who can play a variety of games. The coefficient is 1.95 for total games higher than 19.5 and 1.9 for total games less than 25.5. Of course, we place both of these bets with separate bookies (otherwise the account may be blocked, and it is better to choose the highest coefficients for each bet). The corridor is the space between 19.5 and 25.5 games.

You will win both bets if the value of the games in the match falls inside it. You will win something in either situation; but, if the coefficients are less than 2, you will lose.

This approach enables you to place the correct tennis bets. You are not simply betting on a total; you are insuring yourself and potentially earning more.

Game betting tactics

Tennis players, according to statistics, win the majority of their serves, which indicates that bookies will place a very high coefficient on the host. This method is repeatedly betting on the receiving player winning the game. As you may know, to know who is on the field, you must watch the game live.

The coefficient for the host is typically in the 2.5 range. If only one wager is placed, the prior loss may be wiped off. Along with this method, many experienced bettors employ a catch-up tennis betting strategy. This means that after each loss, you raise the stake amount. You can win more as a result of this.

The approach of putting a bet on tennis by games is quite popular since it eliminates the need to hunt for appropriate bets for catching up.

As you may be aware, for a classic catch-up, you must seek occurrences with a coefficient greater than 2. You don't need to seek anything in this situation; simply stay in the same match. However, it is important to understand the drawbacks of catch-up - a restricted stake size and a limited pot.

Bet on Tennis

How to bet on tennis on the best tennis betting sites?

All of the aforementioned may be used to generate a tennis betting algorithm:

  • Study tennis regulations, ratings, individual athlete attributes, and current tournament results, and watch at least a few matches.
  • Choose the greatest online betting tennis techniques and determine which one you will utilize ahead of time.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis before each bet – at the very least, consider the previous matches, the significance of the tournament, the coverage, and the alignment of the players' forces;
  • Select a bookmaker – it is best to create accounts in different betting shops to bet only in the one with the best odds for a specific match.
  • It is critical to recognize that win-win tennis bets are fiction. There are no methods that guarantee a perfect outcome. As a result, experiment with several systems and mix them.

Best betting sites for tennis

There is a list of criteria for determining the best bookmaker, they also include coefficients: line, live, outcomes, handicaps, totals, or statistics. We have analyzed the odds and the choice of bets of all legal bookmakers in India and are ready to share with you the best betting sites for tennis betting.


If we consider the number of tournaments, then Melbet, 1xBet, and 365Bet are in the lead here. These tennis betting apps have not only top tournaments, but also challenges, ITF, or junior leagues. According to the list of top matches in the action line, the bookmakers listed above are also in the lead. You can bet on the main outcomes (handicaps, totals, sets) and advanced statistics: breaks, aces, double faults, and so on.


While working on betting live tennis mode, the same company is still there: Melbet, 1xBet, and Betcity. Only top tennis matches were taken as a basis. Naturally, the odds in the bets during the game are lower than in the pre-match (line). For some offices, the difference is not significant (1xBet and Betcity), but, for example, Mostbet is almost twice lower.

Statistics bets

We're talking about betting on aces, breaks, double faults, and other statistical indications here. Of course, the more statistics there are, the larger the action line (in the first part, there is a table with the average amount of betting alternatives in each bookmaker). It is not available at all bookies. 1xBet, Melbet, Betcity, and 365Bet provide the most profitable coefficients.

Unpopular events

In this section, the margin for minor tournaments (challengers, doubles, etc.) is taken into account. If you look at the bets on the line, you can distinguish the following leaders: LeonBet, and Melbet. Very close in terms of coefficients are Betcity and 1xBet. In betting live tennis mode of unpopular matches, there are good quotes in Betcity, Leonbet and 1xBet, and Bet365 joined them.

If we take into account the coefficients and the action line, then the following bookies can be an excellent choice for tennis betting: Betcity, 1xBet, and Melbet, also a low margin can be noted at Bet365. Moreover, each of them has an amazing tennis betting app which will make your experience even more pleasant.

Odds and action lines are not the only criteria for determining the best tennis betting sites. Do not forget about reliability, withdrawal, and replenishment of funds, bonuses, and so on.