Horse Racing Betting

Horse betting in India is considered quite popular, as this sport is more than 200 years old. Interestingly, horse racing in India is allowed on racehorses only of Indian origin, which in turn gave a powerful impetus to the development of the breeding industry, and today the racing and breeding industry is highly developed and is at a decent level. Currently, horse races are held at 9 racetracks.

There is an opportunity to make online horse race betting India, as there are traditional bookmakers, you should choose only a convenient option for betting on your favorite club. As such, betting is prohibited in India, but horse racing betting is allowed by the relevant laws since it is believed that the success of betting is due not only to luck but also to the appropriate skills that are needed.

The best horse racing betting sites in India for 2022

Online horse race betting India is allowed in most states, which opens up great opportunities for Indian players.

Every year more and more players switch to online betting because it has many advantages. It is difficult for beginners to navigate the variety of online platforms, and not everyone knows how to identify the best horse race betting apps in India.

The bookmakers themselves admit that during the days of the top tournaments, they rarely stay in the black, giving significant funds to betters. So, it is worth studying this discipline in more detail.

Payment methods can be different, which allows players to use alternative payment sources in addition to Indian rupees. To make the right choice and not make a mistake with reliable online platforms, it is enough to study statistics and information from online betting analysis specialists.

The Best Horse Betting sites in India are:

  1. Betway is the largest in India, as well as the best online platform in the world with a low minimum deposit.
  2. 888sport is a decent online betting platform for horse racing, but without the ability to bet in rupees.
  3. 22bet is one of the fastest-growing young betting platforms that works with players from India with the possibility of betting in Indian rupees.
  4. Betcity is an official betting company that allows betting on horse racing.

What is the advantage of these particular online betting platforms?

All of them are safe, licensed, have a solid and good reputation, as well as other strengths. Seeing such a variety of online betting platforms, it can be quite difficult for a player to decide on the choice of a bookmaker. To quickly decide on an online platform, you can study more detailed information about the evaluation criteria of each horse betting site, since, as a rule, each bookmaker focuses on different categories.

Online horse racing betting sites attract new players with promotions and welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses may interest the player to register on a new site and, as a result, try new sites for betting on horses. Welcome bonuses that are requested online can be of different shapes and sizes. The most common welcome bonuses include deposit matches, cashback, credit bets, and free bets.

It is also worth exploring the promo pages of horse race betting apps to be aware of whether bonuses for existing customers continue to operate. Again, these can be both VIP programs with benefits for your loyalty, and matching deposits for deposits on certain days.

What types of horse race betting are there?

Indian players have the opportunity to access the open international market of bookmakers, and there are no restrictions on the types of bets.

It is also important for a bookmaker to offer a variety of sports markets, so they must promote a wide range of betting types.

Types of betting on horse racing

Attention should also be paid to the types of betting on horse racing because almost each of them has its term and is somewhat different from what we see in other sports. Among the most popular and most accessible, you need to know such as:

  • Win — the outcome of the winner. You need to specify the horse that will come first. You can bet on several winners at once;
  • Place – a bet that the horse will take the prize (there can be up to 4 prizes). This bet is perfectly used in the follow the money strategy when you need to bet on an outsider with high odds;
  • Each Way - an analog of double chance in other sports. You bet on one particular horse, which should come to the finish line first or take the prize. If it comes first, you will get a full win with the same coefficient, and if it takes only the prize place, you will get a minimum win. By the way, the bet is placed on 2 outcomes at once. So, by betting $100, you bet this amount on a victory and a prize place (that is, you use $200);
  • Double — a bet on two horses that will come first and second, it does not matter in what order they will do it;
  • Treble is the same outcome as double, only you need to choose from three horses;
  • Exacta — if in double and treble you do not need to specify exactly how the horses finish, then here you need to choose specific horses, specifying their places from 1st to 2nd. Of course, the coefficient of such bets is off the scale;
  • Trifecta — here you need to specify the exact places of already 3 horses from 1st to 3rd place.

These are the most popular outcomes, the designations of which you need to learn to get a stable income. So, we recommend trying each of them to understand which one is most suitable for the style of the game.

Horse Racing betting Features

Online horse race betting features

Putting a bet on horse racing has its characteristics. To correctly assess the chances of winning, you need to know some of the features of horse racing. Yes, this is not a team sport, but some factors can affect the results of the race.

The main feature of horse betting is that it is necessary to study not athletes, as it is customary in other disciplines, but the horses themselves. Real professionals who have a steady income from horse race betting generally follow the whole life of racehorses to always be aware of their physical condition.

It even goes so far that the pedigree of the horse is studied during the analysis. However, you can do without it, because to predict the winner of the race, most often there is enough such information as:

  • Statistics of the horse's recent performances. Sprinter or stayer - pay attention to when the horse had the last race. For sprinters, a break in races is desirable for at least a month, for stayers, on the contrary, a long rest between competitions is not required.
  • Evaluation of physical data. The weight of the horse and the rider - naturally, the smaller the weight of the rider, the more chances for high results.
  • Weather conditions;
  • Horse class;
  • Type of race held;
  • Individual characteristics of the horse;
  • The tournament itself is the surface on which the races will be held (different horses achieve different results on a certain surface).
  • Barriers - their location and height are important.

It is not so difficult to make a truly qualitative analysis of the race. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to this discipline and studying all its nuances in more detail.

Fortunately, almost all verified bookmakers provide detailed information on all participants of the upcoming races and the latest results on request. You should not bet on all players in a row, this will remove the quality of the analysis and the monetary equivalent, respectively.


After studying the main features of online horse racing betting, let's look at the most popular strategies. As in other sports, there are no win-win strategies in horse racing.

Strategy "against the favorite"

According to this strategy, we place bets on all horses whose coefficient in this race is estimated below 2.00. Also on hand will be an analysis of the quality of the coating and the venue, a high probability of falling of the participants of the race. In this strategy, the more participants there are in the race, respectively, the chances of winning came out.

Strategy for the "Dutch system"

It will be performed with the calculation of coefficients. This strategy is only suitable for those races where there is no clear favorite. To make calculations, you need to determine at least 3 contenders for victory, but not the main contender, where quotes for the success of horses start with values close to 4.00.

The "Start of the Day" strategy

It is used in horse racing as a feature since only young racehorses compete in early races. Among these, there are clear favorites that meet the expectations of bookmakers. The odds of winning such favorites are usually more than 2.00.

What will help you make a profitable bet?

For your bet on horse racing to be profitable, you need to take into account such parameters as:

  • Doing a qualitative analysis of races and horses.
  • Listen to the opinions of experts.
  • Stick to the chosen strategy.
  • Keep an eye on the bank.
  • Never get excited.