Stag Tournament Table Tennis Racket

  • Ergonomically designed grip.
  • Suitable for offensive and defensive style of game.
  • Strong Grip that allows Powerful Shots,
  • Suitable for Intermediate players
  • The rubber provide good quality control over the game. Grip Style: Ideal for Shakehand, Handle Style: FL (Flared), Speed: 70, Spin: 70, Control: 95, Weight : 156g, Height: 26 in, Beam Width: 23 mm


Table tennis is an exhilarating and challenging game which involves a lot of action and speed. Test your playing skills, speed and precision by getting this 5 Star Table Tennis Racquet from Stag. Stiff Flexibility With a stiff flexibility, this racquet adds stability by providing better control and power to your shots. Designed for Advanced Level of Play Practice all your tough and tricky moves and increase the challenge level of your game by using this racquet that is designed to suit your advanced style of play.