Speedo – Swim wears

We have a wide ranges of Googles such as Fastskin, V Class, IQFit, Holowonder, Futura & Biofocus , Caps such as  Speedo Fit, Flipturns and other various colored & different ranges of caps, along with Swimwears with different categorizes such as LZR Racer X (Fastskin), LZR Racer Elite (Fastskin), LZR Racer Pro (Fastskin), Caged out, Cyclone Strong, Sprinter Switch, Flow control, Amplified Pulse, Etc. with the best rates and top quality products for both Men and Women. We have Swimwears for Kids also.



Speedo International Ltd. is an Australian manufacturer and distributor of swimwear and swim-related accessories based in Nottingham, England.