DONIC Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis Rubber

This high performance rubber is suitable for highly trained attackers with good technical know-how.

  •  Substitute for Speed Glue.
  • With Inbuilt speed glue effect.
  • New formula Donic technology.
  • Greater Speed & Control
  • Control: 5
  • Speed: 10+
  • Spin: 10+
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Surface: Spin: Elastic


Donic COPPA JO GOLD TT Rubber – sets a new standard with the in-built speed glueing effect. The sound and feel is similar to speed glueing, giving a performance one can only dream about. We recommend the new Coppa rubbers from Jan Ove Waldner for the following players: Coppa JO GOLD is the highest performing rubber from the FORMULA series and a replacement for speed glueing.