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VIVA Commercial Fitness Equipments

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 VIVA Commercial Fitness Equipments


  • Touch Sense Technology is the most innovative user interface. Blue back lighted sensor buttons clearly indicate user to easily start workout. Click free buttons provide the best touch feeling.

  • Built in Heart Rate Bar System could easily and precisely help to monitor the heart rate with both hand pulse and polar telemetry to achieve the individualized heart rate target for best workout result

  • 20 resistance levels

  • WATT- based heart rate program accurately achieve the target heart rate

  • Built-in test program offers the best reference for personal physical condition test and training

  • Large LED dot matrix and scrolling text help exerciser to monitor workout

  • Full sets of programme for different training requirements, including 13 workouts

  • C- safe compatibility

  • High speed circulation fan

  • Ergonomic handle bar design for more comfortable exercise

  • Integrated Tray for iPod
  • Cordless efficient self-powered system that offer continuous and smooth power

  • Enlarged and impact-absorbing pedals provide gentlE movement to reduce lower back stress

  • 20"striding length provides sufficient workout experience to novice and professional user

  • Smart scrolling text guide user with easy to start description to select exercise programme for personal fitness management.

  • Enlarged touch buttons make it easy to operate and manage workout

  • Sweat-proof design

  • Various motivating programs selection for different exercise purposes

  • Quick start function to start the exercise easily

  • Precise watt control function for accurate energy

  • management exercises

  • Maximum User Weight : 180 Kgs
  • Multiple Exercise Function - Chest extension, Leg press, High pull, Low pull, Rowing, Abdomen, Kicking etc.

  • 4 station gym with 4 weight stacks of 96 Kgs each

  • Ergonomic Design / Scientific Biomechanics

  • Arc cover for protection
  • Excellent sensation of top PU leather, perfectly match elegant wooden-pattern handrail

  • Extremely comfortable and luxurious like travelling by first-class airplane

  • Easy-operated control panel

  • Ergonomic power-recline design, 15 minutes auto timer, S-curve back rolling fit human body smoothly

  • Knot close to spine, widen soft cushion provide complete relaxation

  • Music from built-in speakers, deliver more leisure and fun then ever
  • Massage types : 6 preset full body massage program,plus 12 levels of manual control - Rolling, Tapping,Kneading, Shiatsu, Pulse Percussion and Acupuncture.

  • Air Bag : the seat cushion along with calf foot rest aremounted with 25 air bags, size modes of air- compression combination

  • Vibration : 12 levels of manual control loosen your muscles

  • Heated pad : warm heated pad up 50°C (optional)
  • Rolling, Tapping, Kneading, Shiatsu, Pulse Percussion and Acupuncture various massage program provide relief to every inch of your body

  • Massage recliner extends to nearly flat 180°

  • Patent synchronizing mechanism lets seat, upright and foot rest extend easily only with one touch

  • Not only features various massage for upper body, it also has airbag & vibration seat massage where seat air bags exert firm lateral pressure at the outer buttocks and upper thigh to stimulate circulation, while vibration massage soothes your tailbone region.


Place of origin: India


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