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Butter Fly Table Tennis Bats Rubber

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Butter Fly Table Tennis Bats Rubber

Bats Rubber Bryce
BRYCE is created by an entirely new process that reduces energy loss at the ball rebound as much as 18%, as both rubber sheet and sponge are flexible and highly resilient, they catch and absorb the oncoming ball and catapults it back with your own added speed and spin.
No. 05350

With the concept of “More Control than BRYCE and More Power than CATAPULT” in mind, Cermet has been developed. Cermet is the ideal balance of power and stability, from power hitters to technicians; all playing styles will embrace this perfect balance.
No. 05470

The“catapult like” spin is produced due to a very elastic rubber surface and a high resilience sponge, both of which are high in tension. CATAPULT is slightly slower with more control than BRYCE.
No. 05390

Ekrips Soft
The EKRIPS rubber surface is elastic and fast. This powerful topsheet is now combined with a softer sponge to increase ball control. EKRIPS SOFT provides more control in your aggressive attacks and block shots as well as heavy topspin on power shots.
No. 05480

The combination of a relatively hard, but grippy surface with a flexible sponge of medium harness gives you a powerful offence when chosen with a thick sponge (1.9 mm – max), and variable, well controlled all-round strokes when a thinner sponge (1.3 – 1.7 mm) is selected.
No. 05050

The hardness of the sponge of SRIVER-EL is exactly in the middle between SRIVER and SRIVER-FX. For SRIVER players looking for more spin and elasticity and for SRIVER-FX fans wanting slightly more aggressive power in their strokes, SRIVER-EL is the ideal rubber.
No. 05380

Compared to the SRIVER, SRIVER-FX’s sponge is about 10% softer giving more spin and control. Offensive players with a topspin based style will be delighter in the dynamics of this top rubber offering much variation, power and control.
No. 05060

Tackiness Drive
Designed for the controlled topspin players, TACKINESS DRIVE give your loop greater break and thus more control. Also proficient for chaps and fast loop.
No. 05410

Tackifire Special Soft
Unchanged is the surface with extreme grip as TACKIFIRE SPECIAL. However, the sponge is about 20% softer and therefore lighter than the original. This combination brings a lot of feeling into the game and makes highly recommended for speed gluing.
No. 05400

Tackifire Driver
The combination of a elastic sponge formula with a tacky extra soft surface provided more power for attack and easier ball control. TACKIFIRE DRIVE provided a frightening volume of topspin for consistent loop drives and easy ball control for short over-table.
No. 05330

Challenger Attack
CHALLENGER ATTACK is recommended for spin-based pipe-cut attackers. The extremely soft and thin rubber surface supplies excellent control and spin for your offensive stroke.
No. 00180

Super Anti
Even today so-called Anti Tospin rubber is up to date. SUPER ANTI has a surface with almost no grip at all. This neutralizes most of the spin of the oncoming service or topspin strokes.
No. 05030


Place of origin: India


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