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Power Cushion
Stretch…jump…and land in comfort!
Created for aggressive footwork without fatigue, the YONEX Power Cushion out performs all ordinary materials in shock damping performance. An egg dropped onto the Power Cushion bounces back un-damaged, illustrating the power cushion’s unique ability to provide instant resilience that minimizes shock and reduces leg-muscle fatigue so you can stretch, jump and land in comfort.

Stronger and lighter than EVA shoes, YONEX gLite shoes fully support quick footwork. gLite maintains the original shape of the shoes longer for extended cushioning performance. What's more, the gLite Midsole-a high-performance lightweight polyester material that is 30% stronger than EVA-functions in unison with other YONEX design and construction features to create new-generation badminton shoes offering more utility, value and comfort.

Round Sole
A new development, the YONEX Round Sole provides a feeling of natural comfort underfoot while maximizing the transfer of body energy into movements. Adopted at the side and heel positions to prevent landing on a "pointy" edge, the Round Sole provides what top players look for in badminton shoes-design features that better support quick and smooth footwork.

Lateral Claw
The Lateral Claw construction provides more stability to support quick movement into your next step. The construction stabilizes the sides of the feet to prevent lateral movement upon landing. This performance transfers more power into the next step.

Power Cushion Insole MC
The technology supporting the YONEX Insole puts instant resilience for minimum shock underfoot. The YONEX Power Cushion Insole MC gives the feet more support inside the shoe so that lateral movement won't diminish power. This performance, in turn, transfers more speed and more power into your movements.

Tough Guard III
3 times stronger than ordinary synthetic leather. In addition to high strength, it has excellent resistance to heat for added longwearing performance.

Power Graphite Light
By combining Power Graphite material with a strong and light yet solid EVA YONEX creates a lightweight shoe providing high stability.

Power Cushion Insole FG
Moulded-in Grips at 3 key points on the insole prevent lateral movement of the foot inside the shoe and stabilize landing for minimum power loss and maximum "robound" performance.

Double Russel Mesh
Super-lightweight and durable, this ultra-fine mesh provides 8 times more air-exchange performance than ordinary mesh for maximum moisture release.

Scientifically contoured, the Ergo-shape provides more comfort and stability in the forefoot and toe area of the shoe.

Tough Guard II
A combination of an advanced material and a special coating, Tough Guard II provides 3 times more strength than ordinary synthetic leather and high resistance to scuffing.

Color Black/ Gold
Upper P.U. Leather, Double Russel Mesh, Tough Guard II
Midsole gLite, Power Cushion, Solid E.V.A. Graphite Sheet, T.P.U.
Outsole Rubber

Color Clear Red
Upper Fit & Support III, Double Russel Mesh, Tough Guard III
Midsole Elastic E.V.A, Power Cushion, T.P.U., Solid E.V.A., Graphite Sheet
Outsole Rubber

Color Navy blue
Upper P.U. Leather, Double Russel Mesh, Tough Guard III
Midsole Elastic E.V.A, Power Cushion, T.P.U., Solid E.V.A., Graphite Sheet
Outsole Rubber

Color Pearl White/Red
Upper P.U. Leather, Polyester Mesh, Tough Guard III
Midsole Hyper msLite, Tough Brid, Power Cushion, Solid E.V.A
Outsole Rubber

Power Cushion 101 LTD
Upper: Fit&Support, Double Russel Mesh, Tough Guard
Midsole: Elastic E.V.A, Power Cushion, Power Cushion, T.P.U., Solid E.V.A., Graphite Sheet
Outsole: Rubber
Color: Clear Red

Power Cushion 72
Upper: P.U. Leather, Polyester Mesh
Midsole: msLite, Power Cushion
Outsole: Rubber
Color: Black / Red

Power Cushion 72
Upper: P.U. Leather, Polyester Mesh
Midsole: msLite, Power Cushion
Outsole: Rubber
Color: White / Blue

Power Cushion 101 Jr
Upper: P.U, Leather, Polyester Mesh
Midsole: E.V.A.
Outsole: Rubber
Color: Clear Red


Place of origin: India


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