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String Machines

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String Machines

YONEX Strings are carefully formulated and manufactured to fully complement the performance YONEX designs into badminton racquets. An overwhelming 89% of the players competing in the world’s top international tournaments use YONEX strings because of their proved high reliability.

First in feel, repulsion and durability!
YONEX Titanium, multifilament, monofilament and Vectran strings provide designed-in performance so advanced players can choose the string that best matches individual play techniques. A longer dwell time and soft feel, a shorter dwell time and a solid feel, high tension-holding characteristics that maintain high string repulsion power, and outstanding durability - these are examples of the performance, we design into our family of high-quality strings. Sensitive control and excellent shock absorbing capability are more solid reasons to string-up with YONEX.

R (Repulsion Power) : 6
D (Durability) : 6
C (Control) : 6
D (Shock Absorption) : 6
E [Feeling (Soft, H-Hard)] : 6

Yonex badminton and tennis stringing machine with microprocessor performance and 4-way and 2-way backup systems.

Accurate and uniform stringing tension all the time! The performance of YONEX Stringing machines is well documented at the world’s major international badminton tournaments and it’s trusted by the players to keep their racquets in a points-wining condition. Now, YONEX takes this performance to the next level with unique patented functions and performance.

The YONEX String Clamp Base and Microprocessor Support
The YONEX Stringing Machine is professionally appointed with a new String Clamp Base and microprocessor control for timesaving operation. This combination speeds stringing operations by keeping the string firmly seated for easy stringing.

The YONEX ES5PROTECH minimizes machine downtime through startup and control system failure. The YONEX design provides a multiple number of backup systems – four systems for starting operations and two systems for control operations. These backup systems give more protection against the worst-case scenario of stringing-machine breakdown throwing a tournament schedule into disorder.

The YONEX ES5PROTECH operates stably no matter what the operating voltage. Its multi-voltage capability-AC85V to 265V ensures reliable and accurate operation worldwide.

ST250 Badminton String Machine
SIZE 620 x 370 x 200 mm
WEIGHT 9.5 kgs

ES5PROTECH Electric Badminton & Tennis String Machine
SIZE 940 x 540 x 1, 025 - 1,200 mm
WEIGHT 50 kgs

Also available with us EAGNAS manual & electronic string machines


Place of origin: India


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